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Potential new #MD80-operator: ALK Airlines (Mi, 04 Mai 2016)
Bulgarian company „ALK Airlines“ aims to start their services from Varna with at least two Fokker 100s and a single MD-80. I don´t have additional information about the current status nor detailed information regarding this airline.
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UNI Air plans to retire last MD90 on 01JUN16 (Mi, 27 Apr 2016)
According to „Airline Route“, Taiwanese company UNI Air plans to retire their last MD-90 on June 1st, 2016 with the rotation Kaohsiung – Kinmen – Taipei Song Shan. The last international flight will be conducted on May 31st, 2016 with a flight from Ningbo  to Kaohsiung as flight BR795. This service will be an EVA Air-flight with […]
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Up to 125 CSeries-jetliners for Delta as MD-88-replacement (Fr, 15 Apr 2016)
Several sources claim that Delta is finalizing a huge order for up to 125 Bombardier CSeries-aircraft. It is very likely that the new aeroplanes will replace the MD-88-fleet. Delta continues to operate 115 venerable 149-seat MD-88s.
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#Delta reportedly close to announce an order for narrowbodies (Do, 07 Apr 2016)
Delta Air Lines is reportedly looking to place an order „for dozens“ of new narrowbody aircraft. Potential candidates are Boeing 737s in addition for their currently operated 737s or the Bombardier C-Series. It appears that this new order will enable Delta to start the retirement of their MD-88-fleet.
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Zagros Airlines #MD83 runway excursion at Mashhad, Iran (Fr, 29 Jan 2016)
There are reports that an MD-83 operated by Iranian company Zagros Airlines suffered a runway excursion at Mashhad airport/Iran. It is believed that all passengers were able to escape the damaged aircraft. No further information are available at the moment. ALERT PHOTO l Zagros Airlines runway excursion at Mashhad, Iran. @DanOmidvar @aircrashmayday pic.twitter.com/hDP4YkkTlZ – @NewsHazbail […]
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New page for "ALK Airlines"

MD-80.com are pleased to provide a new page about Bulgarian company "ALK Airlines". MD-80.com freuen sich, eine neue Seite über die bulgarische Fluggesellschaft "ALK Airlines" zu bieten.

Leitwerk der ersten MD-82 LZ-DEO von ALK Airlines/Courtesy: ALK Airlines
Leitwerk der ersten MD-82 LZ-DEO von ALK Airlines/Courtesy: ALK Airlines





Delta accelerates MD-88-retirement, orders 37 additional A321s, up to 125 Bombardier CSeries100´s

US-company Delta Air Lines announced an order for an additional 37 Airbus A321ceo´s, bringing the total number ordered by Delta to a staggering 83 examples. These new A321s will be used to replace parts of the faithful MD-88-fleet. The first A321-aircraft was delivered in March 2016 and the first revenue-service is planned for May 2nd, 2016.

Rendering of an Airbus A321 in Delta-livery/Courtesy: Airbus
Rendering of an Airbus A321 in Delta-livery/Courtesy: Airbus

Delta CEO Ed Bastian told to the press:


“The Airbus A320 family of aircraft continues to be a cost-efficient, reliable and customer-pleasing mainstay of our narrow-body fleet...” ...“The order for the A321s is an opportunistic fleet move that enables us to produce strong returns and cost-effectively accelerate the retirement of Delta’s 116 MD-88s in a capital efficient manner.”

Major boost for the Bombardier CSeries

Yesterday, Delta Air Lines signed an order for up to 125 Bombardier CSeries-aircraft, including 75 firm orders and 50 options. Despite several articles and opinions from "experts" in several aviation-related forums, there is - at the moment - no official statement, that the CSeries will replace the Boeing 717 at Delta. First deliveries are planned for spring 2018.


The decisions by Delta to order additional Airbus A321s and the landmark-order for the Bombardier CSeries are remarkable moves fleet-wise. It surely allows maximum flexibility and new opportunities for Delta. The MD-88-fleet (with an average age of 25 years) will be gradually reduced, possibly through a mix of smaller- and bigger-sized aircraft. There are no official statements that the MD-90 and Boeing 717 are due for retirement at Delta.

Rendering of a Bombardier CS100 in Delta-livery/Courtesy: Bombardier
Rendering of a Bombardier CS100 in Delta-livery/Courtesy: Bombardier

Chances of major upgrades for the MD-88-fleet are dwindling due to the decision of Delta to move ahead and to shrink their MD-88-fleet during the next years. I am not aware of an official schedule of Delta MD-88-retirements. I would be pleased to get some information. Thank you.

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"The Boeing 717 Could’ve Been a Family of Jets"

I was encouraged and invited to write an article about the potential Boeing 717-family as a guest author and here is the tweet and link to this article. Thank you very much!

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