Great China Airlines Adds Jet Service With New MD-90

LONG BEACH, Calif., March 18, 1997 -- Great China Airlines took delivery of a new McDonnell Douglas (NYSE: MD) MD-90 airliner today, to introduce jet service on its routes in Taiwan.

"This will be our first jet transport, and with it we will bring Great China into the jet era," said James Jeng, president of the Taipei-based airline. Great China currently operates a fleet of 12 turboprop transports on flights linking Taipei and cities across Taiwan. The MD-90 was ordered in the spring of 1990, making Great China Airlines one of the earliest customers in the program. Jeng was at the Long Beach plant of the Douglas Aircraft division of McDonnell Douglas to formally accept the new aircraft. He signed delivery documents in a ceremony with Don Black, Douglas vice president-general manager of sales and marketing. The aircraft is scheduled to depart later today on its flight across the Pacific, arriving in Taipei March 21.

Great China plans to use the new MD-90 initially for service between Taipei and Tainan. The cabin is arranged for 155 passengers, 12 in first class and 143 in economy class. The new aircraft is the first MD-90 delivered with a maximum takeoff weight capability of 166,000 pounds, 10,000 pounds more than standard MD-90s now in service. The improvement gives the aircraft additional non-stop range for longer routes.

The MD-90 is the newest aircraft in the McDonnell Douglas family of twin jet transports. It is powered by a pair of International Aero Engines V2500 powerplants, rated at 25,000 pounds takeoff thrust. The advanced technology turbofans give the MD-90 exceptional fuel efficiency and low levels of noise and engine emissions, making it the quietest, cleanest large transport in service today. The aircraft also has an advanced flight deck which includes an electronic flight instrument system, a full-flight management system and a state-of-the-art inertial reference system for navigation.

Other MD-90 features include a modern interior design featuring four-abreast seating in first class and the five-abreast economy seating that is the passenger-pleasing hallmark of all McDonnell Douglas twin jets.

The aircraft has a length of 152 feet, 7 inches and a wing span of 107 feet, 10 inches. There is 1,300 cubic feet of space for baggage and freight in two cargo compartments. Courtesy: McDonnell Douglas


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Die MD-90 ist das leiseste Flugzeug ihrer Klasse/Courtesy: McDonnell Douglas
Die MD-90 ist das leiseste Flugzeug ihrer Klasse/Courtesy: McDonnell Douglas

China Eastern Airlines Takes Delivery of Boeing MD-90s

LONG BEACH, Calif., Oct. 08, 1997 -- China Eastern Airlines received its first two Boeing MD-90 advanced technology twinjets today, marking the beginning of a new relationship for both the airline and the airplane maker. China Eastern is a leading airline serving the People's Republic of China on international and domestic routes from its base in Shanghai. The MD-90s are the first two of nine that will be delivered to the carrier.

The new airplanes moved under their own power, into a nose-to-nose position, as a backdrop for a colorful ceremony that was accented by a traditional Chinese lion dance. The jetliners were accepted by Xu Min Zhu, vice president of China Eastern Airlines. He was joined by Dick Pearson, vice president and general manager of Douglas Products Division of Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, in dedicating the airplanes.

"We expect these MD-90s to be excellent additions to our domestic fleet," Mr. Xu said. "They are very important to China Eastern's continued success in service to Chinese air travelers."

"The MD-90 is ideally suited to help China Eastern Airlines meet the projected growth in the Chinese air transportation system," added Pearson. "We are very proud of this partnership with China Eastern and that our MD-90 will play a prominent role in the airline's operation, continuing the success built by the MD-11 and MD-80."

The MD-90s are a part of China's Trunkliner program that includes a total of 40 MD-90s, 20 of which are being built at the Douglas Products Division in Long Beach. The remaining 20 are being produced by the Shanghai Aircraft Industrial Corp. In addition, significant fabrication and sub-assembly production is under way in Chinese factories in Chengdu, Xian and Shenyang.

China Eastern Airlines' MD-90s are configured to accommodate 157 passengers in a two-class arrangement. The cabin features four-across first class seating and five-across economy class seating with a patented full-grip lighted hand rail located along the lower edge of the large overhead baggage racks.

The MD-90 is powered by a pair of International Aero Engines V2525-D5 turbofans, rated at 25,000 pounds of thrust. Combined with the airplane's design, the engines help make the MD-90 the quietest jetliner in its class. The fuel-efficient MD-90 also produces exhaust emissions that are well below strict international standards.

The new airplanes are targeted for use in one of the most heavily traveled regions of China, Anhui province, where China Eastern has a well-established customer base. The MD-90s can operate over a non-stop range of 2,400 statute miles (2,085 nautical miles, 3,860 kilometers).

China Eastern Airlines was founded in 1988, when the air travel industry in China was decentralized. The first MD-82 delivered to China in 1983 is part of the China Eastern fleet, which totals 13 MD-80s and six MD-11s.

China Eastern, an independently run company, is the first airline in the history of the People's Republic of China to go public, with 35 percent of its stock offered on the Hong Kong and New York stock markets. Courtesy: Boeing



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